south florida water management district (sfwmd) operation, maintenance, repair, replacement, and rehabilitation (omrr&r) project

The SFWMD’s mission is to manage water resources for the benefit of the South Florida region, balancing the needs of the present generations with those of future generations, and maintaining the Central and Southern Florida Flood Control system. Elements of this stewardship are conservation and development of water supply, protection and improvement of water quality, mitigation of impacts from flood and drought, and restoration of natural resources. Due to the immediate need for professional engineering services to meet legal mandates and OMRR&R requirements, the SFWMD engaged CES Consultants, Inc. to provide a wide-range of professional engineering, design, and construction services for various Work Order based projects.

Current project assignments include:

  • Construction phase support for the Sweetwater Flood Protection Berm component of the C-4 Canal Bank Improvement Program located in Miami-Dade County, Florida.  The one-year C-4 Canal construction oversight project includes the removal of vegetation and encroachments within the District’s easements, the construction of a reinforced earthen berm, storm water collection and disposal structures, and vehicular access gates.
  • Evaluation of Pump Stations G420 and G422 for silt accumulation in the supply canal and pump bays, and excessive vibration of the G420 pump system. These problems have existed since the original installation in 2004. The Pump Stations were placed in operation in 2004 as part of FEMA’s Hazard Grant Mitigation Program funding to implement a series of improvements for the C-4 basin to increase the level of flood protection.

Future planned design and construction services activities may include:

  • Culvert replacement
  • Canal dredging and bank stabilization
  • Building hardening
  • Levee repairs
  • Repowering existing pump stations
  • Rehabilitation of stormwater pump stations, control structures, spillways, and bridges
  • Monitoring systems, communication towers, control systems, and miscellaneous service buildings

CES’s past experience with the SFWMD includes:

  • Structural building hardening
  • Canal conveyance inspections
  • Fall Protection systems
  • Value Engineering Technical Reviews
  • Floridan Aquifer desalination pilot study
  • Construction services for Compartment C and Pump Station G508