cm services for sca's mentor program

The SCA’s Mentor Program is designed to increase, facilitate, and encourage the participation of minority-owned, women-owned, and locally-based enterprises (M/W/LBEs) in school construction projects throughout the five boroughs by providing a flexible framework for eligible contractors to develop and grow within the industry.  The Program also aims to establish long-term business relationships between said M/W/LBE contractors and the SCA.

The Mentor Program partners emerging M/W/LBE contractors with some of the industry’s largest construction management firms and provides them with contracting opportunities valued up to $750K.  The Program allows for these firms to gain experience working on school construction, rehabilitation, and improvement projects and provides technical assistance and training, fast-track payment systems, and access to working capital and bonding as well as general business, organizational, and personnel skills development and marketing and business development capabilities.

Currently, URS, acting as an SCA Agent, is one of the mentor firms that has been awarded a contract by the SCA to execute the Program by providing construction management mentoring services to various M/W/LBE contractors and sub-contractors and oversee and provide them with technical assistance in the field while completing school construction projects.  CES, as an MBE-certified sub-consultant to URS, will assist URS in implementing the Program by mentoring the participating M/W/LBE firms so they learn and improve on the skills necessary to take on larger and more complex projects.  CES will ensure that all the assigned projects are completed safely, on time, and within budget while also providing valuable guidance so that these firms graduate the Mentor Program and are able to obtain bonding and financing to pursue projects outside of said Program.

CES is providing different staff on this Contract including, but not limited to, inspectors/project officers, estimators, assistant superintendents, and/or superintendents.