rei services for water main work

CES Consultants is currently providing inspection services on this project being led by the New York City (NYC) Department of Design + Construction (DDC), which consists of providing Resident Engineering Inspection (REI) Services for the Water Main Work Project in various high-traffic locations throughout Queens under the QED-1001 contract. 

The scope of services includes providing inspection, supervision, management, coordination, and administration of the project so the required construction work is properly executed, completed in a timely fashion, and conforms to the requirements of the construction documents and to good construction practice.  CES is providing on-site field staff performing inspections as well as community outreach personnel for the duration of the project (i.e., pre-construction, construction, and post-construction phases).

Resident engineering inspection services include the following:

  • Replacement and installation of water mains, water services, hydrants, and other appurtenances

  • Relocation of private utilities

  • Reconstruction of curbs, sidewalks, and pedestrian ramps

  • Trench restoration

  • Pedestrian and traffic safety