rei services for prior notice sidewalks

CES Consultants has been awarded this contract, as prime consultant, by the New York City (NYC) Department of Design + Construction (DDC) to provide Resident Engineering Inspection (REI) Services for the Prior Notice Sidewalks Project in various locations throughout Staten Island under the HWS2013R contract. 

The scope of services includes providing all necessary services for the successful inspection, management, coordination, and administration of the Project in order to satisfy current sidewalk violations, so the required construction work is executed properly, completed on time per the approved schedule, and meets the requirements of the construction documents as well as good construction practices.  CES Consultants is providing all the required key personnel as well as on-site field staff for the complete duration of the Project from pre-construction to construction and post-construction phases.

The resident engineering inspection services include the following:

  • Rehabilitation and installation of concrete sidewalks, concrete and steel curbs, pedestrian ramps, and driveway ramps

  • Roadways restoration on affected adjacent areas

  • Pedestrian and traffic safety