Program Management

CES offers complete program management services to public and private owners. CES’s extensive experience gives it a unique understanding of what can potentially go awry in any project, thereby allowing CES to pre-empt such events. Program management is an integral part of everything CES does. 

We carefully plan and organize all resources to achieve the project’s specific objective, and our program management services extend to all the sectors we serve. CES has developed a meticulous system of management that is followed throughout every project, but customized to fit the needs of each individual client. Our firm assembles the most qualified team members with professional leadership to execute our vision accordingly.


components in program management:

  • Program Scheduling

  • Cost Estimating

  • Cost and Claims Control

  • Construction Management and Inspections

  • Risk Management

  • Quality Assurance

  • Value Engineering

  • Project Delivery

  • Services Management

  • Healthcare Planning and Construction

our projects include:

  1. Support to the Explosive Ordinance Disposal Group One: CES is providing Program Management Support Services for the San Diego-based Explosive Ordnance Disposal Group One (EODGRU-1) Project for Explosive Expeditionary Support Unit One (EODESU ONE). This Unit provides logistics support for 1,100 sailors across six different EOD commands.  As operational requirements increase with military involvement in various regions, additional manpower is required to ensure all supply chain management functions are performed.  Specific to these needs, CES is providing Financial Managers, Program Analysts, Supply Technicians, Warehouse Specialists, and others in support of OEDESU ONE’s objectives via EDOGRU-1.
  2. FLL Terminal 1 Modernization Program Management Services: Southwest administered and oversaw the FLMP including the design and construction of a five (5)-gate Concourse A facility to include a federal inspection services (FIS) facility and other terminal building improvements and certain enabling projects. As part of the Program Management team, CES assisted Southwest in defining and establishing a three year Program and an Asset Management Plan (AMP), all consistent with the requirements imposed on Southwest as well as Capital/Financial Planning, Asset Management Plan Development and Enabling Project Planning.